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Aventurico escape room gift card
Exclusive gift for special people
Why should I choose an Aventurico escape room?
No unhelpful gifts that remain forgotten on the shelves.
Lots of fun
Professional staff. Exclusive environment, where you will be the guest # 1.
It has no expiration date! So it can be the best gift for any time of the year.
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Frequently asked questions
How can I buy the gift card?
You have two payment options: online and at the local. Choose one and click on the desired button, select the number of people without choosing the exact game or date. If you choose to pay online, we will send you the gift voucher to the indicated email. Don't be scared if it takes a while, it's not automatic, but we promise to be as fast as possible. If you prefer to pay locally, you have the option of buying a small magic box to hide the voucher. Contact us by WhatsApp at 602 251 855 for more details.
How much does a gift card cost?
The price of the gift certificate will be for a minimum of 2 people. 2 people- € 80, 3 people- € 84, 4 people- € 92, 5 people-€ 110, 6 people-€ 132 , 7 people-€ 154, 8 people-€ 176. For gift certificates for more than 8 people you only have to add an additional € 22 for each person. Check the details of the capacity of the games in advance. And the best part: It does not expire! So it can be the best gift for any time of the year.
How can I book escaperoom with a gift card?
Add the code of your gift certificate in comments to reserve a room with the appropriate date for you on the reservation page or write to us at 602252945.
How much time do you have to redeem a gift?
The Aventurico gift voucher does not have an expiration date, therefore it can be used at any time of the year.
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Olga H
I really loved Epidemic Z! It was hard but we did in 59:48!!! Thanks a lot
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